Ground-based test facilities

We provide access to a wide range of specialist ground-based test facilities and expert technical support including:

  • anechoic testing
  • environmental testing
  • support to air drop evaluation
  • stores release from aircraft on ground
  • hypobaric testing
  • radex
  • radio frequency environment testing
  • optics testing and flight data retrieval

Our environmental test facilities can be used to simulate extreme conditions. The hypobaric chamber can precisely simulate the cabin altitudes of all types of aircraft and our night vision and anechoic test facilities can both accommodate fast jet and rotary aircraft. We also have a large open-area test site dedicated to high-power radiated susceptibility testing that can accommodate large aircraft. Our specialist test equipment can be deployed worldwide.

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Accessing our capabilities

Our extensive test and evaluation capabilities and support services can be accessed by the UK MOD, Allied Forces, Defence Equipment Manufacturers, Security Services, Police and Border Forces.

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