Our support services cover the entire test and evaluation process – from planning to analysis. We work in an agile way to support our customers and recognise changing operational schedules and complex programmes demand flexibility.

4.5" Reference Gun Trial
Trial execution
Project management, technical and field management and safety management services to support the successful implementation of your trial.
The command operations module located at the British Underwater Test & Evaluation Centre (BUTEC)
Trial design and planning
Support with design and planning of your test events, detailing the expert personnel and facilities you will require to meet your specific requirements.
Your guide to working with us
Download our user guide to help you get the best outcomes for your requirements.
Balaklava Company, trial and development of VR
Synthetic and live training and rehearsal
Planning and execution of bespoke training exercises and complex trials using live, virtual and constructive environments.
Operations room onboard Type 23 frigate HMS Monmouth
Test evaluation and data analysis
Secure capture and analysis of accurate data to support evaluation of performance and inform the development of capability and combat effectiveness.
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Accessing our capabilities

Our extensive test and evaluation capabilities and support services can be accessed by the UK MOD, Allied Forces, Defence Equipment Manufacturers, Security Services, Police and Border Forces.

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Royal Navy on the Quarter Deck, HMS Prince of Wales
Cost of using our services
As part of the planning process, we will provide a proposal detailing the costs for running your trial, test event or training exercise. Our capabilities, services and facilities are funded centrally by the MOD for use by Front Line Commands, DE&S, DSTL and organisations working directly to the UK MOD. MOD users therefore only pay for project specific costs.
Training and Simulation Advice at computer
Independent analysis and advice
As an independent organisation, run in partnership between QinetiQ and the UK MOD, you can be assured of impartiality, and the provision of independent analysis and objective advice.