In-water stealth and counter-measure assessment

Our in-water stealth and counter-measure services include acoustic and electromagnetic signature services and target echo strength services. The electromagnetic signature capability supports the optimisation of degaussing system settings and monitoring of electromagnetic signatures.

We can measure and analyse in-water noise to determine the sources and characteristics of the far-field signature in representative operational states. Measurement, analysis and prediction of target echo strength signatures are used to assess platforms detectability by active sonar. Action is then recommended to reduce the platform’s vulnerability by maintaining or improving the signature.

  • Acoustic signature services are available at MOD BUTEC
  • Electromagnetic signature services are available at MOD Rosneath and Baron's Point
  • Transportable ranges are available for deployment worldwide
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Accessing our capabilities

Our extensive test and evaluation capabilities and support services can be accessed by the UK MOD, Allied Forces, Defence Equipment Manufacturers, Security Services, Police and Border Forces.

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